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A mechanical watch consists of many moving parts that may experience wear over time. Therefore, it is important to have your watch regularly serviced by a watchmaker. Mythology Watch collaborates with Sjöbackens Ur in Malmö, who have extensive experience with every detail of our timepieces.

Partial service, including water resistance and movement check, should be performed once a year by an authorized watchmaker.

The first complete service should be done within 2 years from the manufacturing date by an authorized watchmaker. Subsequently, regular service intervals of 3 years are recommended from the date of the last complete service.


We appreciate your choice to own a watch from one of our collections. Each timepiece undergoes rigorous development processes and tests to ensure its quality. No watch is delivered without undergoing accuracy and water resistance tests, with any necessary adjustments made. Carefully selected materials are used to provide you, as the owner, with the highest possible quality, ensuring that you can enjoy your watch worry-free.

The warranties cover:

Internal defects: Manufacturing defects resulting in damage to the watch are covered under warranty. Examples of internal defects include a malfunctioning movement, provided that service and maintenance have been carried out according to instructions and recommendations.

Abnormal wear: If parts of your watch break or significantly lose their functionality within an abnormally short period of time, it falls under warranty.

Repair: In the event of manufacturing defects, you are entitled to free repairs at our own workshop, as covered by the warranty.

The warranties do not cover:

External damage: Any damage caused to the watch by yourself, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is not covered by the warranty. Examples of external damage include mishandling of the watch contrary to care instructions or neglecting precautionary measures.

Water damage: Water damage to the movement, case, bracelet, or dial is not covered under warranty unless it can be proven that the watch was used in accordance with the provided instructions for water resistance.

Normal wear and tear: During the course of wearing the watch, its appearance will naturally change. These changes are not covered by the warranty. Examples of normal wear and tear include scratches on the crystal, case, or bracelet.

Timekeeping accuracy: A watch movement never keeps time perfectly. Both external and internal factors affect the timekeeping of a movement (such as gravity, temperature, motion, and the tension of the mainspring). Therefore, an exact timekeeping cannot be guaranteed.

Conditions for warranty validity:

Care: A watch, regardless of its quality, is a delicate craft that requires care. To ensure that the warranties are valid, it is important to follow the care instructions for your watch and avoid subjecting it to damage.

Warranty duration:

The warranty period for a Mythology Watch is 2 years from the manufacturing date. During this time, you have the right to request repairs for manufacturing defects or any lack of quality that has resulted in damage to the watch. Repairs will be carried out at our own workshop. If you experience an issue with your watch that requires troubleshooting and no defects are found during this process, you will be responsible for the time and any associated costs incurred for the troubleshooting. Any determination of a warranty claim, regarding an issue or damage to the watch, must always be assessed by our workshop. If a warranty claim is approved, the necessary actions will also be carried out at our own workshop.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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